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We are the Schurman Family!
We are in our 4th growing season for our small Lavender Farm. We are nestled in a small green valley with a natural spring and wooded ravine southwest of the Village of Embro. Since 2019 our farm has 1500 lavender plants in the grown which include 10 different English and French varieties, both well known for providing fragrant fresh/dried bouquets and their usage in the making of beauty products, hydrosol/ essential oils and culinary items.
We also harvested our lemongrass which has taken everyone by storm, its such a refreshing , pick me up and a pure joy to offer you some amazing natural products.
We will keep everyone up to date on how we’re growing this coming Spring 2022, but for now please check out our online store for your favorite lavender products... if you are looking to treat yourself because you ``love lavender`` or your buying for someone special take a peak. We are not shipping items at this time but will offer pick up at the farm & drop offs within our area for a small fee.
Our field has honey bees thanks to our son Lannie, the resident beekeeper. We hope these colonies can result in some honey products in the future! Thank you for joining us on our Lavender journey 2021 has been such an exciting year meeting all sorts of people that took the time to come and visit. If you ever have questions or you have purchased from us this year, we’d love to hear from you on our social media, google or email!
We have some new exciting plans for this winter that will be share this bloom season when you visit. Please watch us on Facebook for any announcements for field visits during our bloom in June/July 2022. Sincerely ,
Chris, Donna Katie & Lannie

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